Nurture and Nourish

Give yourself time to surrender into softness and safety.Give yourself time to de-accelerate.Give yourself time for self-care.Give yourself time to rest and restore. Give yourself the gift of time…. RESTORATIVE YOGA – An opportunity to recharge your batteries and to experience the art of letting go, to open and surrender into safety and comfort, dissolve into softness and stillness, to encourage deep rest, restore and renew. Give yourself permission to breathe and an opportunity to heal. Restorative Yoga is an introspective, gentle and quiet practice emphasising rest, release and comfort in a safe environment to cultivate calm and cosiness. This practice encourages a safe and welcoming environment that invites the practitioner to feel held, grounded and supported. By using plenty of props and having the ideal conditions, one can rest comfortably for long periods of time which can then allow you to feel confident to come home to yourself and simply be. With Restorative Yoga we can move our focus away from the busyness of the external nervous world, bringing our awareness back into the internal stillness of our being. A practice that can help balance our energetic system, bring on healing and release, restore fatigue, reduce exhaustion and stress and welcomes you just as you are and meets you exactly where you are at. “RESTING AND RESTORING ARE NOT ‘NICE TO HAVES’. THEY ARE ESSENTIAL.” Everyone is welcome! These gatherings are an all inclusive and welcoming environment. This style of yoga practice is suitable for all people and all bodies are welcome, people of all ages, of all levels of yoga and fitness, including those who have injuries. Suitable for sufferers of sleep disorders, stress and anxiety, chronic fatigue or any chronic illness. What to wear: Pyjamas, layer up and bring your super warm socks for extra cosiness and comfort. BY LETTING GO, IT ALL GETS DONE – Tao Te Ching