Birth Preparation



Venue: The Partington Theatre, Henry Street, Glossop, SK13 8BW

You need to be 14+ weeks pregnant to attend this workshop.

£60 per couple or £50 per person – payable in advance.

Refreshments will be served.

Are you pregnant and worried about labour and birth on the big day? Ease your anxiety through this helpful and relaxed workshop providing in-depth antenatal education, empowerment, connection, team-work and support.

There will be a very useful chat with Dr April Lu, anaesthetic registrar/doctor working in and around the Manchester region with 7+ years of experience on and off labour ward. 

There will also be an additional chat with midwife Nicolette Peel from Tameside Hospital Maternity Ward.

You will learn to relax your body and mind with such ease that you can control the natural chemical and hormonal balances in your body in order to promote the natural processes of labour and birth. Your body knows how to birth, so why not come along with your birth partner for a down-to-earth and practical workshop? There will be key learning tools providing confidence to trust in your body, your baby and your instincts without fear or distraction.

This is an opportunity to learn practical skills and to help prepare you and your birth partner to birth your baby…

  • we will be rehearsing  through the yogic techniques and tools to cope through the different stages of labour.
  • using hypnosis (usually labelled, ‘hypnotherapy’) for labour and birth.
  • how to encourage an optimal foetal position before labour commences.
  • effective positions/movements and breathing techniques for the first stage of labour.
  • natural birthing positions, breathing and visualisations for the second stage.
  • breathing techniques for labour and birth to reduce pain & anxiety.
  • how your partner can support and assist you throughout.