Mother the Mother

Practising yoga together with other like-minded mothers is powerful medicine and a soothing balm for the soul. These gatherings will provide deep healing, nurturing and stabilising practices from the inside out. Practices to support the fragile postnatal body; an exhausted and overwhelmed mind, whilst facing daily challenges.

There will be slow and steady nourishing practices that will support, stabilise and increase vitality to the external and internal body, focusing on particular areas such as backache, tight shoulders, regaining abdominal and pelvic tone, diastasis recti, incontinence, welcoming and adapting to your postnatal body. Nurturing practices to help with exhaustion, interrupted sleep, anxiety and depression.

Suitable for mothers of babies and children of all ages.

Even though this gathering is focused solely on the Mother, babies are very welcome to join us if they are in need of your love, attention and/or need a feed. It will be a complete joy to see them too!