Relax and Restore

Relax and restore through Restorative Yoga. Take time out from the chaos of the world and come home to yourself. This beautiful and comforting practice allows your body to be held and supported by lots of blankets and props so you can relax and rest deeply. There is nothing to do, no moving, no stretching – just resting. With letting go and surrendering all the layers of you – physical, breath, mental and emotional states of you can simply work their magic. Your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in so these layers can rest, repair and heal.

Some benefits of Restorative Yoga include a stronger immune system, better sleep, blood pressure reduces, improved organ function, balance our energy systems, helps with fertility, digestion and reduces muscle tension.

Restorative Yoga allows you the opportunity to open and surrender into safety and comfort, into stillness and softness, to ultimately rest, restore and renew energy. Give yourself permission to breathe and an opportunity to heal. Restorative Yoga helps you to come back into yourself and bring insight.