“Your heart often knows things before your mind does.”

 – Polly Adler



Congratulations, you are pregnant!

Whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy, Pregnancy Yoga is here to help you live your pregnancy the best possible way, preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the birth of your baby/babies.

Learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births.

Learn how to put yourself back in control of your birth.

Use your yoga to stay alert; to be in your zone as well as focusing on relaxing your body whilst maintaining an awareness of what is happening around you.

Classes include postures to enhance mobility, general health and well-being (physically and emotionally). The body will become more supple with ease and without strain.

Pregnancy Yoga will help to revitalise, raise energy levels and manage common physical ailments such as SPD, nausea, back pain, swollen joints etc. Effective breath work, meditations, hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques can reduce stress and anxiety and build your confidence.

These classes can be deeply relaxing and nurturing which will aid sleep and promote a peaceful and relaxing pregnancy. Visualisation, hypnosis and Yoga Nidra practices can help you gain confidence, a shorter length of labour and assist in an easeful birth. These yoga practices can be used to relieve pain during labour and childbirth and can help the expectant mother to bond with the unborn baby.

Techniques taught are suitable throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. These sessions are also a great opportunity to meet other expectant mothers in your area.

The classes are in a safe and nurturing environment; practising moderate and appropriate postures and movement at all stages of pregnancy. Emphasis is upon safety of you and your unborn child. Please avoid fast and jumping movements, inversions and excessive aerobic exercise during pregnancy.

Suitable from 14 weeks plus, aimed at all levels from complete beginners to the more experienced yogini.

Booking a block of classes allows a sense of community which I feel is really important during pregnancy. I end each class with home baked treats (when possible!), cup of tea, time to talk, and sometimes a guest speaker will attend. If you don’t feel up to a class, you should try and come at the end, not just for the refreshments, but mainly for the support from like-minded local mums-to-be or experienced mums. Prenatal yoga classes can provide a chance to spend time with other pregnant women sharing experiences and concerns, especially helpful if a woman is feeling stressed, unsupported, or fearful.

Paid time off work for pregnancy yoga classes

Women in full time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes, which are covered by the category ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parent craft classes’. We encourage students to exercise their right to this time off work. BIS Maternity advice (pdf document opens in new window)

If you have a spare moment, please can you complete and return the following registration form ready for your first session. Thank you!

Registration form for Pregnancy Yoga