“The practice of yoga induces a primary sense of measure and proportion. Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony”  

 – Yehudi Menuhin

General Yoga

Safe practices adapted to suit your needs physically and internally. Not just a physical workout of strengthening, lengthening, postural alignment to benefit present and later years; but also helps with our whole well-being. From medical issues and ailments to emotional stresses. If you are over worked, anxious, have sleep problems, an erratic and easily distracted mind and many more… then yoga might just be for you.

You do not need to be flexible, yoga for all…

During a class the body, breath and mind are sensitively integrated through fluid and rhythmic movements of steady and slow vinyasa (sequence) flow, linking breathing exercises (pranayama), mudras (symbolic hand gestures), bandhas (energy locks), meditation and relaxation practices. There is an emphasis on the internal energetic system, to nourish and bring vitality to the organ and meridian (energy channel) systems, allowing the body, breath, mind and spirit to connect and restoring a sense of well being, balance and harmony. Experimenting with these “tools” of yoga will enhance our physical and mental health, whilst cultivating a deeper sense of awareness and inquiry.

Classes are taught in a friendly, tranquil, warm and airy environment, with priority on safety and sensitivity. I provide a wide variety of props and equipment.

The classes are of mixed abilities and I accept students who have no experience of practising yoga. If you are coming for the first time, please try to arrive a little earlier. Please read the notes on  Yoga medical advice and cautions‘ before committing to a yoga practice.

Yoga and Mindfulness Dates