The experience of movement combined with touch is possibly the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth.” 

      – Francois Barbira Freedman, ‘Baby Yoga’


As a parent we have to cope with lots of challenges and having children means adapting to great changes in our lives.  Postnatal Recovery Mother and Baby Yoga sessions offer a therapeutic approach. Rather than one size fits all, the classes are tailored to suit the needs of each parent and child. Parents are advised to let go of expectations, flow with the babies needs, nurse, feed and change nappies as required. Safe practices are offered to support, nurture and nourish the mother at this particularly special yet exhausting period in her life. Yogic tools to enhance healing, vitality and strength whilst bringing relaxation, confidence, enjoyment and special bonding time for parent and child in a nurturing, friendly and supportive environment. Adults and babies are very welcome to join us in their pyjamas.

Suitable from birth to nearly crawling

These sessions are not just for mothers. Fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other caregivers are very welcome!

Classes are now FULLY BOOKED, please contact me to be added on to the mailing list.

When: Fridays 

Times: 10.30am – 11.30am. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Where: Partington Theatre

Value:  £48 – 8 weeks over a ten week block. Booking in advance is advised.

Twins are very welcome. There will be no additional charge for the other twin.

Click on the following link to see a video short of a typical class… Postnatal Recovery and Baby Yoga Short Clip

Please complete this enrolment form and bring with you to your first session, Registration Form for Mother and Baby Yoga Classes



A child’s senses are stimulated and their development is promoted. Yoga and massage also benefit by encouraging a greater sense of security, general well being, physical growth and improving their social skills. Yoga helps to settle baby’s behaviour, aid digestive and nervous systems, enhances sleep and develops communication skills.


For both mothers and fathers I will integrate postures, breathing, sound work, relaxation as well learning safe techniques for carrying and holding your little babies.

With postnatal recovery, we will focus on rejuvenating, strengthening and soothing practices. On a physical aspect the emphasis will be on toning the abdominal region, stabilising the pelvis and support for the spine, particularly the lower back as you adjust to feeding and carrying growing babies.

Yoga practice helps develop a parent’s confidence and physically feel a return to “wholeness”. The deep relaxation will reduce the many different stresses that they face in early parenting.