The experience of movement combined with touch is possibly the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth.” 

      – Francois Barbira Freedman, ‘Baby Yoga’



As a parent we have to cope with lots of challenges and having children means adapting to great changes in our lives!

Postnatal Mother and Baby Yoga sessions offer a therapeutic approach; enhancing healing, vitality and strength. Bringing relaxation, confidence, enjoyment and is a special bonding time for parent and child in a nurturing, friendly and supportive environment.

These classes are fun, allowing parent and child to share quality time through baby massage, playful action, songs and rhymes. These will stimulate the child’s senses and help in their development.

The yoga practice allows new parents to meet other new parents and permits babies to have a social outing. Parents are advised to let go of expectations, flow with the babies needs, nurse, feed, change nappies as required, breathe through it all, and share a social time following the class.

Classes are tailored to the needs of parents and their child(ren), bringing relaxation, confidence, enjoyment and special bonding time for parent and child in a nurturing, friendly and supportive environment.


The unique quality time and special bond encouraged by practising yoga together is a very special and nurturing time.

Every child should learn yoga as early as possible. It helps them to feel happiness and contentment. Yoga is a tool to help and support them in the hectic and challenging world they live in.

For parents the postnatal period can be an abundance of change, adjustment and overwhelming emotions. Living in the modern Western society, the new (or well established) parent will experience pressures on various levels.1082152_10151785722261321_1317091327_o


A child’s senses are stimulated and their development is promoted. Yoga and massage also benefit by encouraging a greater sense of security, general well being, physical growth and improving their social skills.

Yoga helps to settle baby’s behaviour, aid digestive and nervous systems, enhances sleep and develops communication skills.


With postnatal recovery, we will focus on rejuvenating, strengthening and soothing practices. On a physical aspect the emphasis will be on toning the abdominal region, stabilising the pelvis and support for the spine, particularly the lower back as you adjust to feeding and carrying growing babies.

For both mothers and fathers I will integrate postures, breathing, sound work, relaxation as well learning safe techniques for carrying and holding your little babies.

Yoga practice helps develop a parent’s confidence and physically feel a return to “wholeness”. The deep relaxation will reduce the many different stresses that they face in early parenting.