• Nurture and Nourish

    Nurture and Nourish restorative yoga sessions are an ideal yogic treat suitable for all! Particularly helpful for those who cannot attend a regular weekly class. Everyone is welcome! Suitable for sufferers of sleep disorders, stress and anxiety, chronic fatigue, M.E. or any chronic ailments.

  • Postnatal Yoga with Baby

    Yogic tools to enhance healing, vitality and strength whilst bringing relaxation, confidence, enjoyment and special bonding time for adult and child in a nurturing, friendly and supportive environment.

  • Nurture and Nourish

    A time to surrender into softness and safety. A time to de-accelerate. A time for self-care. A time to rest and restore. A much needed time for yourself...

  • Children’s Yoga (6-11 years old)

    In our sessions we have lots of fun! There will be a variety of yogic activities that include yoga poses and movement, games, sensory stimulation. There’s even opportunity to slow down – time for stillness through mindful and relaxation techniques. These include awareness of body, breath and mind through visualisation, positive affirmation and guided relaxation. Bringing precious life skills that can be learnt and brought in your child’s daily life. These practices of yoga, movement, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation can help your child to increase attention, learning, resiliency, and compassion, regulate their emotions, be confident, independent, brave, creative, rested and calm …

  • Nurture and Nourish

    Nurture and Nourish restorative yoga sessions are suitable for those who have chronic fatigue, chronic ailments, M.E.. Also an ideal complement to those who already have a regular yoga practice and are in need of recharging their batteries or to experience the art of letting go. Why not treat yourself to a yoga pampering session.